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The Chip helps build cost optimization strategies leveraging current technology resources to reduce IT costs by as much as 25%. A substantial amount of savings is recognized when our clients' infrastructure is reorganized to utilize current resources to their full potential. 
What are the benefits?
  • Eliminate wasteful and redundant spending
  • Optimize use of technology and skills
  • Align business and IT goals
  • Decrease the cost of data management
  • Have a 24hr support team monitoring your network
Cost savings focus:
  • Process optimization to help organizations reduce IT costs by 20% to 25% over the course of three years. The majority of the cost improvement is recognized through the development of a network review and controlled growth plan. Computers no longer need to be replaced and upgraded every year and our recommendations often require no additional hardware, rather using current untapped assets or off-site resources.
  • System stability vs. the quick fix solution. There are countless dollars being thrown away to create a quick fix for an unstable network. The Chip provides a complete network map and reviews the weak spots that need immediate attention. This regular review avoids the inevitable shortfall of down systems and expensive repairs.


For 25 years, The Chip has been providing Southern California's large and medium businesses with expertise on specific technology solutions that streamline our clients’ services. The range of technology is very broad:  from custom software solutions to top-notch technology integration. Often the issue is a lack of communication between departments within a company. A solid Document Management process opens up communication and provides a completely regulated solution. 
Whether you’re in need of regulatory oversight or streamlining a workflow, talk to The Chip about how to transform Information into Impact. 

Provide people within your organization better visibility into information. They will gain deeper insights, make better decisions and take more effective action faster.


He with the best toys has only spent more money... 

Technology integrations should help clients solve business challenges through the use of new technology. These solutions should not be implemented just for the sake of “upgrading”, rather there should be an in-depth project plan and good recommendations by experts as your first steps. 

Our project proposals are first designed by a Chip Microsoft Certified Technician who has spent time understanding the scope of a particular project. Before a project plan is sent to our clients, each one is reviewed internally by two additional Chip staff technicians to make certain the right technology is being proposed for your company.
Each one of our project plans begin with a thorough network analysis. We won’t recommend technology upgrades until all the critical key components are functioning well. This includes a server error analysis, backup plan review and current software updates. All of these precautions will contribute to a stable infrastructure and keep your project on time and on budget.